Yucca House National Monument


Yucca House is one of the largest archeological sites in southwest Colorado, and acted as an important community center for the Ancestral Puebloan people from A.D. 1150-1300.

The National Park Service does not recommend travel to this monument for the casual visitor. There are currently no facilities at the monument. The dirt road to Yucca House is impassable in wet weather. The monument, which is patrolled periodically by a park ranger, is under the supervision of the Superintendent at Mesa Verde National Park. Contact Mesa Verde National Park at (970) 529-4465 if you have further questions.

On July 2, 1919, Henry Van Kleeck deeded 9.6 acres of land, including most of Yucca House, to the federal government. Due to its significance as an excellent example of a valley pueblo, Woodrow Wilson made Yucca House a National Monument by Presidential Proclamation on December 19, 1919.

Yucca House National Monument is one of the earliest examples of public/private stewardship of local cultural resources and will remain protected well into the future. The long-term preservation of Yucca House ensures that archeologists will be able to continue studying Ancestral Puebloan society and what caused them to migrate from this region in the late 1200s.



Seasonality / Weather

Open year-round, weather pending.



Currently, there are no signs directing you to Yucca House. The monument is surrounded by private land. Once you leave the main highway, the road to Yucca House becomes gravel or dirt, which may be impassible in wet weather. You will also need to pass through livestock gates and close them behind you.
The road to Yucca House is along a private road. To access the site, drive eight and a half miles south of Cortez from the US 160 and US 666/491 juncture. Turn west on County Road B. Drive 1.25 miles and turn north on the private drive. Please be courteous of the private landowners and close all gates behind you as you enter to prevent livestock from escaping. There are no services available, such as gasoline, food, water, or lodging. The closest gasoline and grocery facilities are in Cortez,

From the entrance of Mesa Verde National Park, take Hwy. 160 West through Cortez, to Hwy. 491 South. Continue driving south approximately 8 miles from the intersection of Hwy. 160 and Hwy. 491 and take a right on MC County Road B, which is a dirt road one mile south of MC Road C. Drive 0.8 miles, crossing a paved road and take the next dirt road on the right before the farmhouse on the left. Follow this road north and west for 1.4 miles, head towards the white ranch house with the red roof on the west horizon. Please be courteous toward the private landowners and close all gates behind you as you enter to prevent livestock from escaping. Once at the ranch house, Yucca House National Monument is on the left side of the driveway. Once at the parking area, enter the small corral through the gate, and use the stile over the far corral fence to enter the monument.


The closest airport is in Cortez, Colorado.