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Spinlister now makes peer-to-peer bike renting easy

A recently-launched website called Spinlister is looking to make bike rentals easier and cheaper.

Not unlike apartment sharing services like or, Spinlister offers online peer-to-peer bike rentals. The company, which launched April 1, notes that people rent 150,000 bikes each year in New York City alone, at an average of $40 a day.  By offering a community-based service at an average of $20 a day, the company hopes to simplify and centralize the rental market.  Anyone can sign on and list their wheels, even bike rental companies.

There are currently 500 bikes listed on the service, which covers New York and San Francisco, but is looking to expand quickly. 

Spinlister also encourages bike listers to post information about their favorite rides in the area, and has a damage guarantee for those who rent out their bikes.   It lists cruisers, road and mountain bikes, but its biggest segment may be town bikes for urban tourists. See the video for the Steve Jobs product pitch.

Via Bike Magazine.