You Can Now Customize Your Wave from a Seven-Inch Screen on This Boat—Technology is Amazing [Video]

Photo courtesy of MasterCraft

Surfing has long been a favorite pastime of ocean-adjacent adventure seekers. The sport has a massive following and has even sparked an entire subculture, but what do surfers do when they don’t have easy access to white-tipped ocean waves?

For those farther inland, wake surfing is the alternative that’s gained major popularity in the last few years. Different from wakeboarding, wake surfers only use a tow rope to get into the wave and then let go and surf the wave detached from the boat, as they would in ocean surfing. The sport makes use of specially designed boats with inboard motors to create waves that mimic ocean swells.

The surfing spinoff has become so popular that there is a Competitive Wake Surf Association, there are national competitions and musicians are even using the sport in their music videos. It’s not so surprising then, that entire lines of boats are built with a focus on producing the best wave out of otherwise still water.

The latest and most insane boat for wake surfers was released in August and the technology is nothing short of mind-blowing. MasterCraft’s X20 was built around creating the best possible wave for surfers and that focus is clear when it comes to the features.

A large hull and an award winning surf system are to be expected but add in the option to customize the wave for any surfer on board and that’s where it gets interesting. “simply touch the optional seven inch Murphy screen to instantly access customized user profiles, fill or drain the 2,000 pounds of stock ballast and instantly shift the wake for regular or goofy riders,” says the press release. Some of the more interesting add-ons include entertainment, sound and lights systems and there’s even the option to put in a system that will illuminate the wake at night.

MasterCraft is taking custom orders for the X20 now and though the price varies based on specific options, it starts at $93,000. For more information go to their website and check out the awesome video below for a look at the X20 and three big name surfers in action.

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