12 Yoga Poses Anyone (Even You!) Can Do

Enjoy the benefits of this ancient practice with these simple moves

When you think of a yogi what comes to mind? If it’s a slender Indian man with his feet wrapped around his head, you’re not alone. Those who partake in this ancient practice have a reputation for being flexible. But here’s a secret: Many of them didn’t start out that way. [slideshow:1160]

By simply beginning a regular yoga regimen, you can begin to see positive results, said Bryn Chrisman, director of Yogamaya in New York City.

Click here to see 12 simple yoga moves.

“Take it slow and don’t worry if things don’t look perfect like in pictures you have seen,” Chrisman said. “Keep breathing, keep practicing. Any amount of practice will [provide] benefits.”

Yoga can not only increase your flexibility, but can also improve balance, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and foster other health benefits.

If you want to try a few beginner postures at home before heading to the studio, check out our list of yoga poses anyone can do. This way, you can get a head start on some of the core asanas. For some of the positions, you’ll need a few props, such as bolsters or blocks. These can help you stay comfortable and maintain proper technique.

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When you feel ready, head to a yoga studio where an experienced teacher will help you build your skills and achieve the best results.

In the following slideshow, Gianna Gioia from Yogamaya studio demonstrates 12 yoga moves anyone can do.