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See elephants, beavers, pandas and more on live feeds
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While it's great to dream about your next camping trip in Yellowstone or your perfect vacation on safari in South Africa, sometimes you need a little nature to help you through the busy work week.

Luckily, our friends at Katu have put together a list of wildlife cams that can provide you with hours of adorable entertainment and (almost) scratch your itch to be out in the wilderness.

The live footage is from recreation areas, zoos, nature reserves, wildlife parks and numerous other sources. In some cases, you can spot additional species that wander through the field of view.

Click on the animal name below to go to the live cam.

Barn Owls Beavers Black Bears Condors
Ducks Eagles Elephants Flamingos
Giraffes Great Horned Owls Harbor Seals Meerkats
Ospreys Pandas Penguins Polar Bears
Puffins Red-Tailed Hawks Red Wolves Sea Otters
Squirrels Octopus Vultures Wood Ducks

To see more animals in the wild, check out the winning photos from the BBC's camera trap competition.

Via Katu.



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