Why Work Out With a Personal Trainer?

Reach your goals with personalized workout plans and customized coaching

In New York City new fitness facilities open up almost every day. Every time you turn around there’s a new big box gym on the block, Barry’s Bootcamp studios are popping up like Buzzfeed quiz results in your Facebook feed, and no one can ignore the many “up and coming” boutique spaces aiming for their shot at Soul Cycle-level celebrity.

Having such a wide variety of gyms to choose from is certainly an advantage, but (and this goes especially for for beginner exercisers) traditional big brand gyms or specialized boutiques that lack personalized attention can be intimidating and ineffective. Not to mention, many come along with cumbersome contracts and sneaky fees.

“I got tired of the set formats that big box gyms have that are mandatory for clients that sign up," says Chris Fernandez, founder and owner of X93 Fitness in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. “At X93, every client has their own individual workout plan and services are customized to the client. There’s no commitment monthly and no hidden fees.”

Essentially, X93 is a personal training gym; a space dedicated to exercisers of all levels who want to work one-on-one with a trainer without having to worry about year-long contracts and monthly dues. The best benefit of working out here, though: customized workouts and individualized attention cut out the guess work that comes along with figuring out how to reach your fitness goals.

“There’s no room for slacking,” Fernandez says of the benefits of working out with a personal trainer. “One hour training with a personal trainer is the equivalent of four hours of working out individually. Effective and targeted workouts get clients to reach or exceed their fitness goals.”

And at X93 workouts are most certainly effective and definitely targeted. When I took a trip to X93 Fitness for a workout with trainer Carol Hochenberg I was immediately reminded of just how valuable working out with a coach can be. Hochenberg put me through a carefully planned and deceivingly challenging upper body circuit workout that had me feeling that almost enjoyable, “what a great workout” kind of sore; the kind of sore only a truly efficient, well-though-out workout can bring on.

Incorporating all the right moves at all the right times and pairing all the right muscle groups in a stimulating pattern, Hochenberg had me alternating between push and pull movements and incorporated core work through the entire workout too. From chest presses to dumbbell rows and mountain climbers to burpees my session with Hochenberg hit every single one of my upper body muscles. (I know for sure because I felt it for two days afterwards.)

By the time we were finished I was sweaty, my hair was a mess, and my arms were even a little bit shaky. But I hardly cared at all because there’s nothing better than the bliss that follows a truly great workout. Plus, what was even more exciting for me was that I got to experience firsthand the benefits of working with a personal trainer (something I used to do on a weekly basis) all over again.

When I wanted to lose weight after college, all of the exercise routines that I tried on my own always failed. It wasn’t until I worked with a personal trainer that I was finally able to achieve my goals, and that’s because he was able to help encourage and support me both inside and outside of the gym. And that’s the key to reaching your fitness goals.

Fernandez believes that many gym-goers struggle to reach and maintain their goals because more often than not they take a seasonal approach to exercise and healthy eating.

“People don’t see results because they’re not consistent,” says Fernandez. “Some people make their fitness goals seasonal instead of actually making a lifestyle change. People have to make fitness part of a lifestyle change.”