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Where to See Wild Animals Slideshow

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Best Time to See: Spring and Summer
Bighorn sheep are iconic to RMNP and Colorado. These deceivingly agile animals—the largest wild sheep in the world—are hunted by cougars, wolves and grizzly bears, but take refuge high in the steep, stony cliff redoubts of the Rocky Mountains. If you want to spot the majestic bighorn, Sheep Lakes in Horseshoe Park is a good bet. Herds come down off the mountains on an almost daily basis during late spring and summer to graze in the vast meadow and eat soil to replenish essential nutrients. To see them in their alpine home, a short, strenuous trail near Milner Pass on the park's west side leads toward Specimen Mountain and to the edge of the Crater (though it's closed during lambing season, from May to mid-July), where you can watch them in what amounts to a natural sanctuary.


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