When Yoga and Pets Come Together, Hilarity Ensues

Yoga at home gets messy when you're a pet owner
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Yoga is a spiritual and peaceful practice that transforms your body and mind. It dates far back to pre-vedic Indian traditions, and is an increasingly popular way of meditation and fitness in modern society. So many movements and poses are named after our favorite pets. We see them stretch and hold poses similar to movements taught in yoga. But, the inspiration we take from our furry friends is lost when put into practice. Doing yoga at home, as a pet owner, can be an interesting and hilarious process.

Cats are very familiar with yoga positions. But sometimes, they just want to come along for the ride, and let you do all the work. 

As the room fills with serenity, the yoga mat starts to feel very nap worthy. 

And on the other end, some pets are not afraid to show you how it's done.

A yoga workout is not complete without a final bull dog kiss.

An important element of being man’s best friend is following your owner’s every yoga move.

Yoga is a great way to get the whole pet family together. 

But watch out for when pets aren’t fans of particular poses. 

You can take your workout outside, but they will find you.

And if it comes to this, remember, there are yoga studios in the world for a reason.

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