When is the 2014 New York City Marathon?

The TCS New York City Marathon will celebrate its 44th anniversary this year

Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan; taking more than 45,000 runners through all five of the city’s boroughs, this year’s New York City Marathon will be held on November 2, 2014.

To gain entry runners must secure a spot through one of three methods: guaranteed entry, non-guaranteed entry or charity. While it’s no longer possible to earn guaranteed entry for the 2014 race and the lottery system for non-guaranteed entry is closed, runners can still enter this year's race by electing to run for charity. The iconic race also offers application options for international athletes and athletes with disabilities.

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After a decade-long partnership with Dutch financial firm ING, the 2014 New York City Marathon will be sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services, a technology company from India. The new partnership comes with an eight-year contract and from this year on the race will be known as the TCS New York City Marathon.

“Our premier partnership with NYRR and sponsorship of the TCS New York City Marathon allows us to engage with communities in the New York area and across North America to raise awareness about health and fitness in a unique way,” said T.C.S  North America, UK and Europe President Surya Kant in a NYRR press release.  “By supporting NYRR’s Team for Kids and the Marathon’s charity running program, we can immediately start to make an impact.”

New York Road Runners, the organization that hosts and coordinates the race, kicked off “New York City Marathon  season” in March when they announced the non-guaranteed entry lottery winners. With less than 200 days to go before race day, NYRR is beginning to encourage runners to start thinking about training programs, gear and signing up to run for charity.

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“The race itself is only one day, but the experience — from physical training to mental preparation to fundraising for some — is a journey that lasts for months and is often an experience of a lifetime,” NYRR President and CEO Mary Wittenberg told Competitor.com.

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