Weird Workouts

Weird Workouts

10. Aerial Yoga

If you’ve ever wondered how caterpillars cocoon or how it feels when bats sleep upside-down, you should check out the Discovery Channel an aerial yoga class. The workout was developed by a former aerial acrobat, Christopher Harrison, to take pressure off his injured wrist during yoga. This atypical class supposedly targets your core and aims to improve flexibility. It looks easy and totally relaxing, but if it’s anything like traditional yoga classes, it’ll kick your butt!

9. Surfer Workout

Every aspect of the surfer lifestyle radiates effortlessness. The chill attitude, salty sexy hair and, somehow even the token surfer body. There’s a lot to envy and let’s face it, we’re jealous. This eccentric out-of-water workout can’t promise better hair or an attitude adjustment but it can give you that perfect surfer body, or so they say. The SURFSET Board, for sale at SURFSET FITNESS, has also made its way to a number of gyms. The board is multi-purpose, featuring four different programs. Each program is characterized based on your goals, for example, one of the programs is for fat burning and another, “yoga-inspired,” will help with flexibility. Whatever your goal, who doesn’t want a bit of that surfer lifestyle?

8. Rolling Strong— the Trucker Workout

Rolling Strong found its niche in an untouched market—out-of-shape long-haul truckers. According to their website, no other trucker-specific fitness programs exist and theirs fills a great void. The profession always tops lists of most obese in America, according to ABC’s Nightline; 86 percent of truck drivers in the U.S. are either overweight or obese. Bob Perry, President of Rolling Strong says their goal is to shift the trucker culture by making fitness and healthy food accessible to all.

Rolling strong has designed a workout that utilizes the outside of the truck. Steps on the side rails, squats with the assistance of the grill and walking laps are a few of the programs main components. They have even manufactured a kit for rainy days, which turns the inside of the truck into a gym.

7. Indoor Parkour

Parkour has become extremely popular over the last decade, but don’t let the crowd fool you—it’s still a weird workout. Originating in France, the activity was born and bred in the great outdoors with the idea that you use what’s already there. Many consider it an art, with the goal of quick, seamless and expressive movement across varied terrain. But with the recent attention from the masses (see its debut on NBC’s The Office) came modification. Capitalizing on the popularity of the sport and building indoor courses, Parkour has become a workout for the masses. Parkour gyms are most easily described as jungle gym-meets-skate park with an occasional dash of urban decoration (graffiti). The only thing weirder than the indoor courses is the workout itself.

6. Pound— the Rock Star Workout

If you thought kickboxing was a good way to relieve stress and aggression, you haven’t heard of Pound. Christina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza are drummers and the founders of the workout that incorporates squats, lunges and rapid upper body movement. During the workout you use two sticks, twice as heavy as normal drumsticks, and pound the mat in front of you. During a typical 50-minute routine, they estimate you’ll strike the ground 15,000 times. Attend a few of these sessions and you’ll be in much better shape than the average stationary drummer.

5. Public Transportation Workout

Public transportation countless negative aspects, bad smells, crowded spaces, rude passengers, you name it. Another less-than-awesome attribute is the fact that it is essentially a time-suck. Every minute spent on the silver tube of human weirdness (aka the subway) is one less minute you could be at the gym. There are a few suggestions out there for turning your travel time into a workout, some of them satire, others serious… we think. According to the Swimator blog, you can fit in a small-scale core workout on your way to or from the office. Some of the low key exercises include standing on one foot while maintaining balance, pushing against a vertical bar for resistance and standing on your toes to engage the calf muscles. Try this workout and as a bonus, you won’t be squeezed into the window seat by the guy who forgot to shower.

4. Stilettos and Pole Workout

Sure, swapping sneakers for stilettos is unconventional and bringing poles off stage and into fitness studios is progressive, but combining the two, while logical, just makes it weird. There are workouts designed around stilettos to increase stability, comfort and confidence in heels through stretching and other movement. There are many pole-centric barefoot workouts that will no doubt test your strength and ingenuity. And really, if that’s your thing, more power to you! But when you combine the pole and the stilettos it makes for a pretty dangerous workout. Luckily, in most cases you can opt out of the heels. Your ankles are precious ladies, at least warm up with a chair dancing routine first.

3. 50 Shapes of Grey

You may remember the wildly, absurdly, (and frankly) disgustingly popular book by E. L. James. The one written at a second-grade reading level that was actually meant for ages 18 and up. That’s right, 50 Shades of Grey. Well, a fitness instructor Kristen James (no relation to E. L. James), decided to create a fitness class based on the book. The workout, opportunistically called 50 Shapes of Grey, is designed to help her clients build the strength and self-confidence necessary to make the book a reality.

Moves like “sexy scissors” and “bend over better” further capitalize on the books popularity. This workout joins many others designed to improve your sex life, just as it joins the seemingly endless list of 50 shades takeoffs. Because we all know what the world really needs is more 50 Shades. Forgive us if we sit this one out.

2. The Circus Workout

Ever dreamed of running away and joining the circus? Consider this a preview. Circus inspired workouts are gaining popularity among adventure-loving gym rats and curious beginners alike. The classes utilize trapeze, silks, rope and other equipment, all modified for safety. Classified as a cardio workout that will most certainly build some muscle, In Shape Circus said, “[It’s] sure to find and attain your body's new physical limits.”

Lion tamer and juggling bear not included.

1. Prancercise

We’re taking it back to ’89, because let’s face it, no list of weird workouts would be complete without this ancient gem. The horse-inspired “workout,” Prancercise and it’s how to video made creator Joanna Rohrback an internet celebrity when the clip went viral on YouTube. The main components of the program are trotting, punching the air and just generally shaking your body in the most disturbing ways humanly possible.

A direct quote from the YouTube sensation reads: “It’s better to be punching into space than in your face.” We’re going to have to agree with you there, Joanna. This one easily takes the top spot on our list.