15 of the World's Most Surprising Surf Spots

No matter the location, devoted surfers will find a way to shred


When it comes to ocean surfing, Hawaii is usually synonymous with the sport and culture. Though it is a hot spot for catching waves, surfing is practiced all over the world, even in places many people would never expect.[slideshow:102256]

There’s a kernel of truth to the stereotype that surfing is a sport for the sun-drenched shores of California or Australia, but it has become a worldwide phenomenon, showing up in such diverse places as India and Oman.

The following list doesn’t only include spots for ocean surfing. Practicing the sport on a river wave is an amazing experience. While being similar to the more common type of surfing, it is a very different adventure.

Surfing is so simple in concept—board, meet wave—that there’s no reason for it to be exclusively a warm-weather, saltwater activity. Waves, not sunshine, are the currency of surfing; and if those waves are in the Great Lakes, on a river in Wyoming, or breaking on Iceland’s volcanic shores, so be it.

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