The 10 Best Surf Lodges in the World

The ultimate surfing trip is about more than the waves and weather


A surfing vacation is the ultimate experience for an admirer of this adventure sport. But to make it an unforgettable trip, there is more to consider than the water, sun, waves and the weather.

The après-surf scene and facilities at the place where you’re staying are also important.[slideshow:85427]

Businesses are beginning to understand that and are opening more and more surf-lodges all over the world – from cottages and overwater bungalows to hotels and luxurious resorts. Most have schools offering lessons to surfers of all levels.

The places on the following list vary in prices, accommodations, entertainment and geography. There is something for every kind of surf enthusiast – from the one who just wants waves and no crowds to the one who wants to try other fun activities.

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