Places You Can and Should Only See By Kayak

Paddling is for curious people. Are you eager enough?


Thanks to advancements in technology, places that were once largely inaccessible can now be reached by helicopter, float plane or boat. But there are still some places paddlers can enjoy alone. A kayak affords thrill-seekers the most breathtaking views and the most phenomenal experience.[slideshow:101546]

If you are planning an adventurous trip for the summer, make sure you include paddling a kayak in your to-do list.

The reasons are endless – it’s exhilarating; you get access to remote locations, the serenity and peace is relaxing; you’re also working out because you’re strenuously using your core and upper body.

Kayakers dipping their paddle into some water will find extraordinary natural scenery and wildlife. While almost all the time people can find ways to see a place without having to ride a boat, they should not, and just take a kayak there.

The stunningly beautiful places on the following list offer a chance to see remote and quiet beaches, caves, and marine life from a unique perspective. Nothing beats the vintage point of view, even at night.

Relish the serenity and freedom that this kind of small watercraft offers.

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