Watch this Snowboarder Bond With His Husky in the Best Possible Way

Shila the professional pulling pup is amazing on the slopes

Youtube/ Niklas Hollsten

When snow starts piling up and temperatures really begin to plummet it seems harder and harder to get your pup the exercise he or she needs. Slippery walkways and plow trucks can make the average walk around your neighborhood tough and potentially even dangerous, but some folks with a little ingenuity (and the right dog training) have figured out a mutually beneficial way to work out in winter.

Meet Shila, the professional pulling husky who loves to relax on the chairlift and help her owner with some killer shredding in the Austrian Alps. The end of the video notes that Shila is, in fact, professionally trained to pull and that owners should not try this with their own pet.

Check out more from Niklas Hollsten on Youtube.


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