Watch: Real-Life Batman Flies Through Cave

Flying squirrel Alexander Polli cheats death in a wingsuit

Alexander Polli is at it again. This time the BASE jumper, extreme daredevil, and air glider isn’t smashing targets (well, at least that's not the object) or flying through waterfalls; this time the crazy courageous character managed to maneuver his body through a tiny cave while rocketing through the air at a scorching fast 155 mph. No, that’s not a typo.

Polli scouted the opening in the side of Montserrat, a multi-peaked mountain in Catalonia, Spain, carefully analyzing which side of the hole to enter and exit before finally executing his plan. One tiny mistake could have cost him his life. But don’t tell Polli that. To him, it was just another arch for him to fly through, one more mind-boggling stunt to capture on a GoPro and add to his constantly growing list.

The man is an airborne artist, a passionate perfectionist who simply loves flying, and we can't blame him for that, even if his videos do make us wince. Anyway, the chances you've already seen a stunt like this are zero-to-none, and maybe it'll inspire you to take wing someday. Then again, maybe not. But take a look, regardless.