Watch! This North Face Store Brings the Outdoors to You, How Are Your Climbing Skills?

The Store in Korea challenges unsuspecting customers with a disappearing floor and a rock climbing wall North Face Korea

For some of us, the simple act of shopping is a major challenge—so many choices! As if it weren’t hard enough, The North Face decided to turn it up a notch by removing the floor and challenging unsuspecting customers with a rock climbing wall.

The shoppers in Korea entered a pop-up North Face store only to be left alone with the floor disappearing into the wall. The prank/challenge/brilliant advertisement was put on by The North Face and South Korean digital marketing agency Innored.

Some people jumped off immediately, while others grabbed onto the wall. After a North Face item appeared from the ceiling and a 30 second timer began ticking down, climbing (and diving) skills were tested. Check out the video to see how these shoppers became climbers and how some of them won free gear.

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