WATCH: A Gorgeous Reel of the New GoPro HERO4 POV's Capability

GoPro announced its new camera along with a beautiful reel of just what it can do
GoPro, Inc.

GoPro is known for capturing the extreme. It’s durable and easily mountable frame have made it perfect for climbers, mountain bikers, skaters, divers, skiers, and everything in between. Basically, GoPro has become known to be the eye of adventure, and now, they’ve released a new camera, that is improving the image quality of that eye.

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The GoPro HERO4 POV camera is an improved GoPro with better video, audio and low light sensitivity. It has a 2x more powerful processor and 2x faster video frame rate compared to it’s latest model. The ultra high-resolution video is up to professional video quality with a new audio system and microphone that captures clean, high fidelity sound.

The customizable exposure settings have been improved to capture low-light scenes whether you are stargazing or roasting marshmallows. There is even built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can connect it to your phone or other devices. The camera will be released for sale on October 5, and you can watch a reel of the beauty it can (and has captured) below. The clarity from a night time car race to underwater scuba diving is insane.   

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