WATCH: Bill Murray Shows Us How to Really Train for a Marathon

Bill Murray (hilariously) demonstrates innovative marathon training techniques
YouTube/Late Show with David Letterman

Last night Bill Murray made an appearance on David Letterman to promote his new movie St. Vincent. Or at least that’s what he was supposed to be doing.

Instead, he used the time to fit in a training run for the upcoming New York City Marathon.

“I sort of made a commitment to myself to enter this year,” he explains to Letterman. “I just gotta… I really should get a run in,” he adds as he begins rubbing Bengay on the backs of his hands.

“When I run, my knees hurt. But this guy told me that it’s all connected.”

Yup, sounds like typical runner logic to us. Murray is definitely a runner.  

He’s got some pretty innovative training techniques, too. One (our favorite) involves fueling with soft pretzels.

Watch the video to see all of his hilarious marathon training antics.

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