WATCH: Are Before and After Weight Loss Photos Totally Bogus?

What you see is not what you really get

Before and after images used to sell weight loss products are everywhere. We see them in Facebook ads, in the pages of magazines and even on TV.

But did you ever stop to wonder how real they actually are? Did the people in the photos really lose all that weight, or were the photos manipulated?

This new video titled “How to Fake a Before & After Photo” produced by Buzzfeed exposes how before & after photos are manipulated on set—before retouching tools like Photoshop even come into play—and the results will make you wonder whether the subjects you see in some weight loss ads ever lost any weight at all.   

Ben Cope, the photographer behind the camera in the video, calls the experiment a “lighting gag.”

 “We’re rolling through different lighting scenarios to make the camera perceive the person’s body differently,” he explains.

And the change in lighting definitely creates an entirely different image. The volunteer models were surprised at the comparisons between there photos.

As one of the male subjects put it simply, “It’s total bullsh*t.”

But that’s not the main takeaway here.

The real lesson was summed up perfectly by one of the female participants.

“Don’t be hard on yourself, in terms of weight loss, just go at your own pace and as long as you feel good about yourself that’s the most important thing that matters.”  

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