Trans-Provence 7-Day Enduro Race

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Trans-Provence 7-Day Enduro Race

A highlight reel of the Trans-Provence, a seven-day mountain bike race from Gap, France, to Monaco. Courtesy <a href="” target="_blank">Trans-Provence </a>


Expedition: Mississippi. The Old Man River Project, Webisode 1 of 10
April 18, 2012

The story begins in Kingston, Ontario. Brett and Cliff build a York Boat named Annie. Brett lays out his plan: with Cliff as First Mate, he will lead a crew 2400 miles down the Mississippi River to reach the Gulf of Mexico and donate their boat Annie to the Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper.

Day 1 to Day 14. It’s August. Brett drives Annie to the Mississippi headwaters. It’s here in Bemidji, Minnesota the 110 day expedition will begin. Brett and Cliff are joined by their recruits, Kyle, Magnus and Sarah. The team pushes off with no idea of the challenges ahead.

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