This Video Will Change Everything You Thought About Freediving

A top freediver makes the ocean floor look like outer space

Freediving isn’t the most popular sport in the world and that means there are bound to be some misconceptions out there. Perhaps the biggest fallacy is that freediving is essentially interchangeable with swimming—that is not the case. Freediving is a form of diving that relies on no breathing apparatus besides the divers own lungs and the athletes who conquer the ocean without any gear are incredible.

If you have yet to witness this unbelievable feat, this video of French freediver Guillaume Néry is a perfect introduction to the sport that breaks with convenience in favor of autonomy. Filmmaker Julia Gautier captured Néry and his dive in French Polynesia—they used no special effects, only the ocean currents and extreme lung capacity—and the results are stunning.

No, it’s not outer space, it’s the ocean—and it’s absolutely unbelievable.