VIDEO: Skiing (Inside) an Abandoned Building

Watch skiier Logan Imlach zip through a 5-story indoor obstacle course

This video, called "Five Floors of Fury," first appeared as part of Powder Award-winning ski film Sunny, but has recently gotten attention of its own now that the folks at Deadspin took note.

It features skier Logan Imlach and the abandoned, graffiti-covered Buckner Building in Whitter, Alaska, in co-starring roles. Imlach and filming partner Matt Wild built the obstacle course in this '50s-era hulk, which once served as a massive residential-commercial complex with 1,000 apartments before it was irreparably damaged by the 1964 earthquake. Imlach executes hairpin turns in stairwells, leaps out windows and bounces off walls in this five-story descent.

Via GrindTV.