WATCH: 'Sketchy Andy' Sets New Highline Record

Andy Lewis completes longest highline from a freestanding tower

Andy Lewis, also called Sketchy Andy, is known for pushing the limits. With five world championship titles in tricklining (or walking a slackline while doing tricks such as backflips), numerous highline world records for feats far above the ground, and additional skills in BASE jumping and rock climbing, many of his death-defying exploits will make your jaw drop.

Lewis’ most recent accomplishment is no exception. Near his home town of Moab, Utah, Lewis broke the world record for longest freestanding tower highline—a particularly difficult feat due to the increased exposure and difficulty of rigging.

The highline was 262 feet long (just 13 yards shorter than a football field) and crossed from Moab’s famous Raptor Tower to another high point in the valley. Lewis first rigged and walked the line in the winter. After a week of practice, he was able to walk the length of the webbing several times without falling. Although he has previously completed highlines without a rope, Lewis wore a safety harness for this attempt. Some highlights from his experience are captured in the video above.

Lewis is sponsored by Five-Ten and Gibbon Slacklines, and owns his own small business called Slackline Brothers.

Via Grind TV.