Video: Olympic Runner with Terrible Form

Staff Writer
His name is QWOP, and his nation's athletic program was badly under-funded

In the run-up to the Olympics, there's a lot of focus on the world's best runners—the Usain Bolts, Ryan Halls and Lolo Joneses of the world. In a few days, we'll watch them cruise around the track in London with such pure speed and fluidity that it will no doubt inspire us. But for the casual runners among us who can't finish near the top of the pack in a local 5k (much less qualify for the Olympics), it will also beg of us the painful introspective question: What the hell am I doing wrong?

Fear not, though. You may be slow, and you may have form problems (overstriding, underpronation, etc.), but you definitely aren't as bad as the runner in the oddball online video game QWOP. It's a frustrating/awkward/hilarious/quasi-inspirational game where you're supposed to use the Q, W, O and P keys to make an Olympic runner (named QWOP) from an under-funded athletic program run 100 meters. This video of someone playing QWOP has all the drama of an Olympic-caliber race, but with none of the style. In fits and starts, QWOP finds his legs and learns to run. Even as he succeeds, though, it's like watching someone fall in slow motion. You just know it will end badly.

Though it seems so simple, the game's a lot harder than you'd think. (The Active Times' record is 13.2 meters. Total.) Give it your best shot here.

Via RW Daily.