Video: Kelly F*cking Slater

Surf legend finally joins GoPro, makes video. (Title says it all.)
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It was only a matter of time, apparently. At long last, 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater has signed on with the world leader in consumer HD cameras, GoPro. It's a match made in surfer's paradise, as the first GoPro—a wrist camera—was created in 2002 to allow average surfers to capture photos of themselves that made them look like, well, Kelly Slater.

He joins GoPro surfers Mark Healey, Chuck Patterson, Sunny Garcia, Jamie Sterling, Kelia Moniz, Anthony Walsh and Kalani Chapman, among others. To announce his new alignment, Slater produced this epic surf short (there are only 27 seconds of surfing's elder statesman here) with a touch of ego and, of course, good humor.

"Working with Kelly takes me back to why I started GoPro," said GoPro's Founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman, himself a surfer. "I guess this whole GoPro thing is kind of working out." Um, yeah...


For a more...lively (not to mention longer)...GoPro surf vid, check out this one of two of the company's hottest surf athletes, Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne Wickey, ripping it in Hawaii:

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