VIDEO: Dr. Oz on Losing That Last 10 Pounds

Tips and tricks from the good health doctor
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Every spring, serious athletes face the same problem: How to get back to their ideal performance weight. While you may be able to lose the first few pounds easily, it can take some serious lifestyle adjustments to arrive at your ultimate goal. 

In the video above, Dr. Oz gives shares ideas to help you shed the last 10 pounds in just one month. While the women featured do not identify themselves as athletes, their challenges are familiar to any living, breathing human being. 

Here are some of Dr. Oz's top tips:

  • Give yourself five minutes from the moment you feel a sensation of hunger. If it starts to go away, it’s not real hunger, but rather "toxic hunger." In the meantime try the hippy stretch (demonstrated in the video).
  • Give yourself more structure with food: Plan your meals in advance.
  • Eat soups: People that eat soup rather than solid food gain less weight.
  • Cook your pasta al dente: If you don't overcook pasta, you don't absorb it as quickly. This is better for your metabolism, as it produces a steadier blood sugar level.
  • Choose healthier snacks: Don’t deprive yourself, but make sure you have a plan. Check out the 100 and 75-calorie options Dr. Oz features in the video. They include frozen grapes, popcorn, yogurt or hard boiled eggs.

Via NBC News.

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