VIDEO: A Bike Tour of Hurricane Sandy

Casey Neistat braved the storm for this incredible footage

By now, we all know what havoc Hurricane Sandy wrought on New York City—power outages that cast many parts of the city into darkness (most notably lower Manhattan); widespread flooding that swept away vehicles, crippled public transportation and did millions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses; wind that brought down trees, power lines, a crane and even a few building facades; and devastating fires that flattened an entire community. We've seen the aftermath Instagrams, read the tweets and heard the round-the-clock news reports. But it's an entirely different thing to watch the whole thing as it unfolded.

NYC-based videographer Casey Neistat (of "Make It Count" fame) and a couple of friends mounted their bikes and braved the elements during the worst of the storm, riding out into lower Manhattan for some first-person disaster tourism. Check out the incredible footage here. We're glad they stayed safe, and only hope they had fenders for all of that water.

Via Bike Rumor.