Video: 5 Insane Mountain Bike Crashes

The world's gnarliest free-ride competition brings you its gnarlest wipeouts

Six times in the past 11 years, Red Bull has gathered the world's top mountain bike riders in the middle-of-nowhere red rock deserts of southern Utah for a freeride event it calls "Rampage." In essence, riders race down steep, treacherous cliffs, picking their own lines along the way. There's no set course, just a start and a finish line with jumps, gaps, knife-edge ridges and manmade features in between. Riders are scored on style, creativity and riskiness of their line. This incentive, of course, leads to riders taking considerable risks, doing crazy tricks off of bone-crunching drops (see Cameron Zink’s 360 off a 40-foot drop in 2010).

This year's Rampage, set for Oct. 5-7, will be in the backcountry near Virgin, UT, just west of Zion National Park. Course builders are already hard at work, and have announced that this year's course will start from a new, higher location, opening up 25% more terrain to riders. One expects that, too, will increase the chances of gnarly crashes by 25% for the 34 riders who are bat shit-crazy brave enough to tackle it. As Red Bull itself states: "If you won Red Bull Rampage—or even survived the weekend with all your bones intact—your reputation as a bad ass on two wheels was unassailable." For the many who won't survive the weekend with bones intact, well at least they can be featured in a sweet video like this one.