Vibram CEO Resigns

After outfitting America with funny-looking shoes, Tony Post calls it quits

Tony Post is resigning from Vibram after 11 years.

Remember when the barefoot running fad first hit? We all laughed (sometimes out loud) at the early adopters, padding along quietly on their toes, which were wrapped in funny-looking, minimalist foot gloves called "FiveFingers." As if those would ever catch on.

But Vibram USA Inc. CEO Tony Post persisted, pushing the FiveFinger shoe line until "minimalist" was the most repeated buzzword in running and athletic shoes. Last week, after 11 years in which he helped grow Vibram USA's business fifty-fold (!), Post announced his resignation, effective July 7.

Vibram’s current Chief Operating Officer, Mike Gionfriddo, will assume leadership responsibilities in Post's absence. It's still unclear why Post is calling it quits, or where he might wind up, but, given his recent past, any company would be lucky to have him.  


Via Gear Junkie.