Twin Explosions Rock Boston Marathon Finish

Dozens injured, three confirmed dead in the wake of terror attack

More than 100 persons have been injured and three are now confirmed dead after Monday's bomb explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line, according to local authorities. 

The bombs went off as large numbers of runners were crossing the finish line. A video shows runners passing by as the blast force from the explosion—which appears to come from the nearby buildings—knocks them to the ground.

According to a Boston Police Department scanner, authorities escorted people from Boston’s John F. Kennedy Library and Museum “due to the alleged presence of an ‘incendiary device.’" There were reports of a third explosion, though it was apparently a controlled explosion set off by Boston Police.

Stay tuned for updates below:

5:23PM EDT: Boston Globe reports that more than 100 are being treated in local hospitals:

5:02PM EDT: Local authorities are confirming that at least 68 individuals were transported to area hospitals for treatment.

4:49PM EDT: New York Post is reporting a suspect is in custody, being guarded in hospital.

4:43PM EDT: CNN is reporting that six of 19 being treated at Mass General Hospital are in critical condition.

4:35PM EDT: Concerned for a friend or family member in the race? Look for their last check-in here:

4:25PM EDT: From ABC: "A Federal law enforcement authority confirms to ABC News this was an intentional bombing, using small portable explosive devices.

4:23PM EDT: Boston Police have found three more suspicious devices; one is "rendered" safe (third explosion, we're guessing).

4:22PM EDT: Here's video of the first explosion from local NBC affiliate WHDH Boston:

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