The Worst Airports in the World

Do what you can to avoid arriving at or departing from these


Airports are dreaded by many and for good reason. Some are so bad that you count down the minutes until your flight leaves. Being a passenger can be a stressful experience due to circumstances that are out of your control. They vary from dangerous and scary runways to huge crowds and the worst TSA checkpoints.[slideshow:95583]

Increased traffic is making almost everything worse. Some arrival and departure halls have reinvented themselves while others are lagging behind. Consider standing for hours in 90-degree temperatures to board your plane in a small gate where there is no air conditioning; it happens more often than you might think.

When people think about flying, they are turned off by the possibility of sitting next to a crying baby, a person who sweats a lot, severe turbulence, and bad weather. Certain places, however, will have you dreading the airports more than the flights themselves.

The following list is based on The Guide to Sleeping in Airports and their annual scrutiny report of the worst places to be stuck in — especially you are suffering from jet lag — and separate reviews by pilots and flight attendants.

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