The World's Most Festive Christmas Cities

These places offer more than just festive lights and big Christmas trees
The Most Festive Christmas Cities Around the World


If you are waiting for Christmas to go on a trip of a lifetime, some holiday-centric destinations are hard to resist. Locals take this time of the year very seriously, and for them simply putting thousands of twinkling lights and decorating giant trees in the middle of the city’s biggest square is amateur.[slideshow:103439]

Traditional hand-crafted gifts, spicy gingerbread and warm mulled wine are nice additions to the holiday bonanza the cities on the following list have to offer. Northern lights and sunny skies come with the territory.

Enjoy the red lights in the trees, snow everywhere, fine decorations, lights galore, and romantic setting. The magic of the holiday season kicks off with glimmering lights and charming displays. Christmas calls for the emergence of spectacular light shows. 

Small towns and big cities alike seemingly come to life around Christmas time. They are ignited up and can brighten up even the gloomiest of days.

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