The World’s Best Pet-Pampering Hotels

Enjoy a relaxing getaway with your best friend - your pet - by your side


Enjoy a relaxing getaway with your best friend - your pet - by your side. But literally, a side by side massage session with you dog in the privacy of your guest room - that's the type of stress-free getaway we are talking about.

From doggie playgrounds to pet grooming services and luxury spa treatments, the hotels on this list will not disappoint.

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You and your pet are provided with equal service. These hotels take pride in treating both humans and their companions the same. They show equal respect and appreciation for choosing their hotel as the place they stay on their magical vacation getaway.

It has been long shown that pets make you healthier, they improve your mood, help your heart and even better your social life. So step away from your normal daily routine, explore the surroundings of an unfamiliar place, and bond with your pet in ways you might have never imagined.

The World's Best Pet-Pampering Hotels


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-- Nicole Dossantos Editor The Active Times