The World’s 20 Most Fun-Filled Countries

Do you need some help deciding where to go for your next adventure?


With thousands of cheap flight and hotel deals going live every day, the world has never been more open for exploring. But with so much choice, how do you decide where to go?[slideshow:102401]

It’s easy to be excited about a place you have never visited before. But it’s also very easy to be misled about how cool or worthy of your time and money it is.

MrGamez has researched the top destinations in the world for vacations and ranked them based on 12 individual metrics. The study looked at various factors, including a number of museums, sports stadiums, festivals per year, and national attractions.

How many of each of these “fun factors” each place had to offer was taken into consideration. To make the comparison fair across destinations of vastly different sizes, the overall amount was adjusted to a “per square kilometer” figure before the final ranking was calculated.

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