Wonders of the Natural World Everyone Should See

You are mistaken if you think you’ve seen it all, even on social media


Nature continues to surprise people in many ways. Some of the most visually magnificent spots in the world are also very strange, and you can’t always identify their shape. Though they may look unnatural, and even eerie, they are marvelous and often have interesting stories.

Are you tired of vacationing in places that pride themselves in having clear blue skies, rolling green hills and sandy beaches? Some adventurous travelers want more; they want to see odd natural formations that others won’t believe exist until they see a picture as proof.

People are willing to spend up to $12,888 on their bucket list on average, new research has revealed. This is a lot of money; spend it well and see a natural phenomenon most people only dream about.

The official natural wonder of the world are only seven but the reality is that many more qualify to be on that list. The following a fascinating collection of old and new world wonders, marvelous architecture, natural phenomena and mysterious places located all over the world.

Click here for 21 natural wonders everyone should see

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