Why Winter is the Best Time to Go on a Cruise

Ditch coats and gloves for sun hats and board shorts this winter
Winter Cruise


Winter is the best time for a cruise.

When the temperatures dip below freezing and you find yourself dreaming of summer, that’s when you know it’s time for a cruise. It’s especially easy to give in to the allure of a cruise if you’re bound to be buried in mounds of snow.

While you might pay a premium to cruise on some ships this time of year, the trade-off of being in warmer climates and basking in the sun is worth it. Still, there are plenty of affordable choices available while school is in session. Even after New Year’s Day, when the celebrations cease and the hectic holiday travel season is over, the options seem endless. According to CruiseCritic.com, some of the least expensive bookings are up for grabs in early January.

However, if you do decide to cruise during the holidays, don’t worry about missing all the holiday cheer at home. Many cruise lines decorate their ships for the season and have special on-board activities. Plus, there is plenty of holiday fun to be had when you realize the crowd is more sophisticated, it's less noisy, and there are many ways to catch up on much-need rest and relaxation.

From fewer crowds to cheaper prices, here are 15 reasons for setting sail this winter.

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