What You Should Know Before Booking a Cruise Ship Balcony Room

Is purchasing a cruise ship balcony room really worth it?


Though regular cruise ship rooms are certainly nice, balcony rooms will amaze you. Imagine sipping Champagne while watching the sunset in the comfort of your own private outdoor space.

Balcony rooms give you the opportunity to escape the crowds, especially when you feel like you need to relax and recharge. Read a good book or meditate while looking out over the ocean and enjoying the spectacular scenery.

This all sounds great, but the truth is that these rooms can be a bit pricy. You need to consider if booking this room is really worth it. For instance, if you’re only going on a three-night, four-day cruise, you may want to opt for a regular room because you’re less likely to spend much time in it. However, if you’re embarking on a week-long cruise, you may want to spend the extra money, as you will probably spend more time in your room and use the balcony frequently.

Before you book your balcony room, you should think about the region where you are going to be cruising and how much time you are really going to want to be outside on the balcony, says Mollie Fitzgerald, co-owner of Frontiers International Travel.

Don’t be shy and make sure that you ask questions before you book. The last thing you want is to purchase an expensive room with a balcony and end up with an obstructed view. Make sure that you ask if your balcony is furnished and where the room is located on the ship. “The largest ones are often on the cabins at the front of the ship and/or at the rear – not the sides,” Fitzgerald says.


What You Should Know Before Booking a Cruise Ship Balcony Room


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