Things You Should Never Eat on a Plane



With fewer airlines offering free inflight snacks (see the healthiest and unhealthiest free airline snacks), and airlines more likely to offer meal service that is more sketchy than stellar, it’s understandable why you might want to BYOB-B (Bring Your Own Brown Bag).[slideshow:102107]

With so few options for food, passengers should have no problem picking perfect inflight foods, right? Think again. There are some foods that you should never eat on a plane. Some of the ones that make our no-fly food list might even surprise you.

What you like to eat on ground doesn’t always translate into fine food for flying the friendly skies, and the food options at some airports aren’t doing passengers any favors (need proof? These are the worse airports for food).

Before your become one of those passengers that everyone is posting about on social media, check out our list of things you should never, ever eat on a plane.

Click here for 10 Things You Should Never Eat on a Plane

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