These Mysteries of the Seas Will Shock You

The deep blue ocean is keeping a lot of secrets within its depth


What do you think the sea world is like? Incredible, marvelous, romantic or creepy, terrifying and mysterious? Or maybe a combination of all of these. The deep blue ocean has been extensively studied for decades and decades; yet it remains a mystery in many ways.[slideshow:102514]

This is not a surprise considering about 95 percent of the oceans, which cover about 70 percent of the planet, remain unseen by people, hence, unexplored, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). You have a good reason to believe that every time you go out there you will be amazed by something new.

The sea has always been a topic of mysterious tales. There are plenty of stories about of ships, planes, submarines, and people who have gone on exploration journeys only to vanish without a trace, fueling conspiracy theories.

This makes the oceanic domain, the largest habitat in the world, a very interested debate subject. People seem to have different explanations for enigmas that have been scientifically explained.

The average ocean depth is 14,000 feet deep; this is a whole world of phenomena and off sea creatures waiting to be studies and explored by daring adventures and experts.  

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