The Most Terrifying Places to go Bungee Jumping in the World

Spike your adrenaline and plunge off of a platform for one of the most thrilling experiences of your life

The excitement of outdoor adventure sports is like no other. Individuals enjoy facing their fears, spiking their adrenaline, and in some cases, the thrill of risking their life.

For some, the thought of bungee jumping makes their stomachs turn. I mean, jumping off of the edge of a bridge with nothing but a harness and rope holding you together is a lot to take in. But for others, plunging off of a platform is exhilarating.[slideshow:86724]

Bungee jumping is actually safer than it looks. The equipment goes through extensive maintenance and your guides have been through intense training.

Bungee jumping destinations are situated all over the world. However, the most terrifying are located in places such as Switzerland, South Africa and China.

Stop avoiding your fears, confront them, and enjoy the extreme heights, spectacular scenery and the most intense adrenaline rush of your life.


The Most Terrifying Places to go Bungee Jumping in the World


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