The Most Mysterious Places Around the World


Planet Earth is a mysterious place that never ceases to amaze. You won’t have to look far to find some natural peculiarity for which science sometimes offer a theory. However, many places are complete enigma.[slideshow:86354]

Getting to these locations is often difficult; sometimes you will find that you really don’t want to be there – depending on whether you believe the rumors of ghosts and aliens. Scientists keep looking for answers and are often surprised by the obscurities they find.

How can you explain why there are blood-looking falls in the driest and coldest place in the world or why your car will flip over when driving through part of New Brunswick?

Some places captivate people more than others. Take the Eternal Flame Falls in New York, the Bermuda Triangle or the Nazca Lines, one of archaeology's greatest puzzles, for example. The incapability to understand the real story behind some of these phenomena draws many people. They are just so infused by intrigue that there is no explaining it.

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