The Most Beautiful Hikes for Spring Wildflowers in the World

Witness nature’s stunning revival in the wilderness


After a long, cold winter people are looking forward to spring. The increasingly longer days, the warmer weather and, of course, the beautiful blooming flowers that seem to sprout up overnight can make everyone daydream.[slideshow:100637]

As the chills and snowstorms of winter give way to the climbing temperatures and rain of spring, something magical is happening. If you’re hoping to see the most brilliant flower displays, though, you might need to travel a bit farther than your own backyard.

These incredible spectacles can be seen in many areas around the world. Unlike the curated and constructed beauty of organized gardens, wildflower displays have a strikingly haphazard appeal.

Bunches of flowers scattered naturally throughout a field, with a mountainous backdrop, is truly an amazing sight. The timing and quality of the blooms may vary from year to year, but that just makes their presence even more spectacular.

Routes will often take you through beautiful waterfalls for epic panoramas and many opportunities to see various birds.

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