Islands Ruled By Animals

Sometimes making friends with the locals means bringing treats for monkeys, rabbits, cats and dogs


Many tourists want to experience a new place the way locals do. In some cases this means bringing treats for monkeys, rabbits, cats and dogs because they will be your hosts.[slideshow:86826]

Ecosystems can be unpredictable. Sometimes – seemingly without a reasonable explanation – entire islands are inhabited or overrun by different kinds of cute and friendly, or dangerous, animals. You don’t have to visit a jungle to see a place where humans are not in control.

Tourists are welcome to visit the Cat Island in Japan, but they are banned from the Ilha de Queimada Grande in Brazilm, which is home to up to five venomous snakes per square meter.

Some of the places on the following list are also home to people who live in peace with their “rulers” and take care of them.

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