The 50 Best Places to Vacation in 2018

Don’t plan your vacation before going through this list first
The 50 Best Places to Vacation in 2018


Adventurous travelers are already making plans to visit new and underexplored destinations in 2018. Nowadays the world seems to be getting bigger – the age of the Internet and fewer travel restrictions has turned many new sites into hot spots. But there are still many locations you can visit before the word gets out.[slideshow:103682]

You can still surf world-class breaks without having to go to Hawaii; extreme safaris are not only available in South Africa; and Baroque architecture, fairytale villages, and white sand beaches with pristine water are found in lesser-known gems in Italy.

Some places are too remote; others are snuggled in between more popular neighbors. Tourist maps often ignore locations in the Middle East due to instability and wars, but a few countries in the region are still considered safe.

A big part of the excitement of travel is going somewhere you’ve never been, so consider branching out. Meticulous planning, which has been scientifically proven to improve mood, is one way of ensuring you’re going to have a jolly time.

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