Best Cities You Have to See at Christmastime

Some places simply celebrate Christmas better than the rest


City skylines are sparkling with lights and decorations and the magic of the holiday season is officially upon us. So the big question now becomes: Where should you celebrate?[slideshow:102883]

Experience the magic of the holidays in New York City, view the enchanting Northern Lights in Iceland, go skiing in the world’s largest après ski town in Colorado, or simply walk along the cobblestone streets in one of the world’s most romantic cities.

Visit the happiest country in the world and see how locals celebrate what is one of the biggest holidays of the year; see people get really into the legend of Santa Claus in a historic city with beautiful century-old houses that are stunningly lit and decorated as early as the first week of December; or visit the city where the oldest Christmas market in the world is still a must-see attraction. 

You have many more options. Soak up the atmosphere of lively Christmas markets or enjoy a winter wonderland. Christmas celebrations are brewing all over the world.

Click here for 25 cities you absolutely should see at Christmastime

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