15 of the World's Most Cultural Destinations

Theaters, museums, galleries, restaurants, ancient sites...which city has the most?


For hundreds, in some cases, thousands of years, others have stood at the same spots and been touched by the same emotions. The connection to a country’s cultural heritage holds a powerful attraction for many tourists and travelers.[slideshow:101017]

Don’t just go on adrenaline-pumping adventures; explore places that will show you the people and the architecture, the history, culture, and also the wild side of your destination.

Open your mind to learning about a city’s overlooked social and ethnic gems. Explore ancient ruins in places you may have never heard of before.

TotallyMoney.com has recently carried out research to determine the World’s Most Cultured Cities, investigating into the number of theaters, museums and art galleries. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Michelin Star restaurants, the world has a lot to offer – but which cities have the most?

Click here for the Top 15 Most Cultural Destinations in the World

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