These Charming Small Towns Feel Like You're Inside a History Book

These American towns have both beauty and history
historic small towns


Take a trip back in time that’s both picturesque and interesting.

Exploring the history of a place is often the best part of travel, and one doesn’t have to be a history buff to truly appreciate the stories and events that have made a place what it is today. When traveling the world, you can go back to ancient times in far-flung places, visit the oldest cities in the world, and learn more about iconic landmarks. Some of the best travel spots can be places that seem to scream history, giving off a quaint and historic charm.

Small towns often hold quite a bit of history, and with not much population and not as much tourist traffic as big cities, they tend to hold onto it better. You’ll find that many American small towns feel like something out of a painting or a textbook, transporting you back in time with their era-specific architecture and lack of high-tech culture. If you’re looking for a trip back in time that’s both picturesque and interesting, step into a history book in these charming small towns.

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