These Airports Offer the Best Dining

Having to wait for your flight at these airports is not that bad
Airports Offer the Best Dining

International travel can be a hassle. Long waits at customs, serious cases of jet lag, and tens of hours in the air can suck the joy out of even the most long-awaited overseas trip. On top of that, foreign travelers often have to stop their flights to wait so that they can get on another plane.[slideshow:104109]

Regardless, a good meal can ease the pain of a long layover overseas. RewardExpert sought out to find out which international airports serve the best food. They compiled thousands of reviews from the 15 most trafficked airports outside of the U.S.

They gathered menu and pricing data to determine the best airports in terms of overall restaurant quality, price and variety to help international travelers find culinary refuge from their long layovers.

Fifteen of most trafficked international airports were determined using the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s 2016 Annual Airport Traffic Report. From the aggregate list, the domestic airports were eliminated to isolate 30 of the most trafficked international airports, of which 15 were selected due to their significant availability of user review, pricing and menu data.

A scoring system was created using pricing and quality ratings from Yelp and TripAdvisor, as well as cuisine diversity figures from these sites and each airport’s directories. These final figures were cross-checked with JD Power and Zagat ratings.

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