These Hawaiian Spots Are Only Known to Locals

These lesser-known beaches and trails are Hawaii's hidden gems
Secret Locations in Hawaii That Only Locals Know


Hawaii is a gorgeous group of tropical islands that attracts people from all over the United States and the world for its spectacular beaches, surfing, dining, history and culture. In fact, just last year, Hawaii received a record 9.3 million visitors.[slideshow:104761]


While you can easily have an amazing Hawaiian vacation staying in an affordable resort, frolicking on the more crowded beaches and visiting popular sights like the Dole Plantation, going off the beaten path will open up a new side of Hawaii to you and allow you more space to appreciate its natural beauty.


While some secluded spots, such as Secret Beach, might not be so secret anymore thanks to travel blogs and vacation review sites, most of these places are still far less crowded than typical tourist stops. In fact, if you visit those that are hidden, unmarked or difficult to get to, you could find yourself the only soul there. If that's the kind of trip you're looking for, you should consider visiting these 14 different locations across the Hawaiian Islands that are worth a side trip.



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