How to Get Around Hidden Airline Fees

Save your money for adventures, not extra charges


Plane tickets are cheaper now than they were in the past when you had to pay one time and everything was all-inclusive. The emergence of discount airlines has changed the industry. You can fly for a very low price if you don’t need anything but a seat and have no luggage.[slideshow:88191]

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for airlines to tack on a few hundred extra dollars for luggage, carry-ons and more. Then there are the hidden fees. Companies made more than $6 billion in profits from baggage, cancellation and change fees in 2014 alone, according to a Department of Transportation report.

Discount airlines tend to have more and higher extra charges, forcing people to pack very light and book flights way in advance without the possibility of changing the dates. In the end, a low-cost ticket with many additional fees and flying with a standard airline can cost about the same.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Spend the money you could save on travel to treat yourself to a nice dinner or a relaxing massage at your destination. After all, you’re on vacation.

Extras such as movies, food and alcoholic beverages are not even considered. But water, luggage, booking and seats are because you actually need them.

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